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Eat yourself fitter with these tips from the Ocean Fitness Team

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Chris Harmer – Personal Trainer :


Think about what you drink as well as eat and remember that “no added sugar” in squash does’t mean no sugar!!!

If you like an alcoholic drink in the evening try swapping wines, beers and ciders for spirits with low calorie mixers.
Eat consciously. Most of us are guilty of sitting down to eat in front of the TV at least some of the time.

Try eating at the table without distractions, put your cutlery down between mouthfuls and savour your food.

This way you should be much more aware of the signals sent to your brain from your stomach telling you when you’re full and help to avoid over eating. When you feel full stop.
Set yourself diet objectives that are realistic and not too scary.

For example if snacking is your weakness, try cutting them for just a week and see how you get on. Look for smaller achievements and successes that you can build on.
Cut out processed and ready made meals. These are often supplemented with extra sugar, salt and fat to add flavour and induce a satisfied feeling from a smaller meal.

Matt Etherington – Personal Trainer :


Clean out your food cupboards!

Whatever your fitness goal is, making sure that you’re eat good nutritionally whole foods will absolutely help you.This means removing as much of the processed foods from your diet as possible.Processed foods are pumped full of chemicals and preservatives to make them last longer, often lots of those additives are treated as toxins and our bodies respond by coating the toxins in fat cells when they are processed by the liver.
Clean eating is about eating whole foods, these are foods that are complete as they are.For example a bag of fresh green beans is a whole food, a can of green beans is not.
Here is a link to a list of processed foods to help you on your way click here
And this list of the worlds healthiest foods is also a great resource too click here

Stay hydrated

Making sure you’re properly hydrated is essential to helping you build muscle or burn fat. When you’re de-hydrated your body won’t be functioning as well as it should be and will shift into a “survival mode” and burning fat will become much harder.The quickest way to tell if you’re hydrated is to look at the colour of your urine, if it’s very dark this is a sign you need more water.Ideally it should be a very pale yellow colour.Plan your meals in advance.
One reason that people eat less healthy foods is due to a lack of planning. Leaving your choice of food until the last minute often leads people to chose a “quick” option, and this is often processed foods such as ready meals which can be more expensive in the long run.Take some time at the start of each week to decide what you’re going to eat each day, perhaps you could make extra and freeze some for a later date, you can then plan your weekly shop around this meal plan which could also save you money as well!

Make sure you are eating enough calories

A common eating habit I see a lot is people trying to lose weight and under-eating. Your body has a minimum number of calories it needs each day just for your body functions to work.If you’re eating less than this amount regularly your body will be in it’s “survival mode” and converting more foods into fat as your body can burn fat slower to make sure it has enough fuel to keep you alive.
If your body has the correct nutrition, in the right amount you’ll be well on the way to achieving your fitness goals!